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The TAPAS community challenge 2018 has ended.
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Meet the TAPAS team

Dominic Buchstaller
Dominic Buchstaller
Head of Control, Architecture and Software
- Innovation in IoT, Decentralized Energy, Power Electronics -

"Hi there, I'm Dominic - the creator and community lead of TAPAS. I believe that it should be easier to access the physical world with software than it is today, like much easier. My goal is to give you an universal muscle to your Raspberry PI brain that easily transfers ideas into prototypes, e.g. in robotics, automation, drones, wireless power transmission and much more!"

Inga Zins
Inga Zins
Senior Consultant University Relations

"My name is Inga and I am the mastermind behind the TAPAS community challenge that has arisen in cooperation with the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU). My job is to interface between industrial and academic research. I think that good ideas need to become prototypes as fast as possible to explore their full potential. With the help of TAPAS, all makers have an easy accessible tool to see their ideas become real."

Andreas Rom
Andreas Rom
Lead Engineer 48V Power Conversion

"Hey! My name is Andreas. I'm the technical lead and co-designer of the TAPAS community inverter board. In my view, the great potential of modern power electronics components (i.e. wide-band-gap semiconductors) will only be utilized to its full extent if solutions are open and definable via software. My goal is therefore to develop a freely programmable, open-source inverter board that is as robust and flexible as possible and can cope with any application you can come up with."

Susanne Forster
Susanne Forster
UI/UX Development

"Hi, I'm Susanne, and I lead the (web) frontend activities around the TAPAS challenge and community platform website. I believe that the best starting point for great inventions is the diversity of knowledge and skills in communities. Therefore, I'm using my tools - UIs and platforms - to create places where people can share their experiences with TAPAS and help each other to get the most out of their projects. I'll meet you there!"

Nora Schille
Nora Schille
Cloud and Backend Developer

"My name is Nora and I'm in charge of the IT infrastructure / cloud backend of the TAPAS challenge and website. I also lead the user support effort so if you wrote us an email you talked to me already. The ideas and projects that have reached us covered many different topics e.g. battery charging, grid power, audio application and many more. Also, the participants were from all over Europe. That was really awesome!"

Jacqueline Hofmann
Jacqueline Hofmann
Social Media and Community

"Hey! My name is Jacqueline. I lead the Social-Media effort for TAPAS and aim to make the concept of software defined inverters more transparent to the maker community. The TAPAS challenge showed me how many enormously creative ideas can emerge within a community. Since TAPAS is so versatile, the open innovation approach is just right. Come find us on Facebook and Twitter!"

Caroline Oelkers
Caroline Oelkers
Consultant Communication for Research and Development

"Hi, I'm Caroline! I make sure that all the great projects and innovations that you create around TAPAS are visible in text and picture to other innovators, partners and within Siemens. I am blown away by the amount of energy and enthusiasm that comes from the TAPAS community which makes my job of writing about it an absolute pleasure! I am looking forward to the next TAPAS community challenge!"